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We're throwing a dinner party in print.

A Community Cookbook featuring our regions' talented bakers, chefs, beverage slingers, artists, farms, and makers.

The first printed Newsstand project, our collaborative cookbook features 25+ recipes alongside original artwork. Each participant has highlighted a lesser-known community member to share!

The cookbook will arrive this summer, available right here, at the Newsstand, and in local shops. As always we're donating a portion of cookbook proceeds to food-based non-profits in our region.

Click the donate button at the bottom to help us cover printing costs, support area artists, and increase non-profit donations from sales.

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Join artist Lizzie Gill, 
baker Ariel Yotive,
and cookbook editor Erika DaSilva for an early evening party in support of the project.
Featuring Tenmile Distillery!

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Lizzie Gill, Landon Speers
Jenny Morse, Erika DaSilva
Julia Robazzi, ​​​​​​​Janelle Sing
Rachel Finelli, and Schnepf Bros.

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Steve Shabet, The Smithy
Paul Pearson, The White Hart Inn
John Dearth and Erika DaSilva, The Lantern Inn
Anh Le, The Cozy Inn

Robert Arbor, Le Gamin
Gabe McMackin, Troutbeck

John Stefanopoulos, Four Brothers Drive-In
Linda Mill, High 5 Pies
Keith Bisciotti and Zoe Velush-Rogers, The Pantry
Amy and Jessica Laurie, Rookie Farm Bakery
Max Levine, Wilson's Bakery
Eleni Stefanopoulos, The Boathouse

Ariel Yotive, Troutbeck
Aerthship dinner series
Jessie Sheehan

Cynthia Kinahan, Pawling Bread Co.
Sam Purrier, Swyft
Christian Hunter, Community Table
Jason Wallengren, Krafted Brew Lab
Mike Del Grosso, Canoe Hill
Lara Menezes, Ziggy's Italian Specialties
Ian Edwards and Travis Powell, Tenuta Market

The team at Stonewood Farms:

Daniel Meissner, Ellie Brown
Tom Kopfensteiner, Ken Holzberg